About Us

Welcome to Vari’s Organics.  A family run store established in the 1960’s.  Second generation fruiterers, we are a young family who feel strongly about providing our children with a healthy lifestyle.

In an endeavour to better serve our customers, we noticed a growing demand for fresh organic produce which was also affordable.  A young eco-friendly demographic meant that customers were now looking more and more for produce which was free of chemicals accompanied by farming practices which were not harmful to the environment, hence the birth of our organic fruit and veg boxes.

Initially established purely to help out a handful of locals looking for affordable organics, the boxes quickly gained in popularity and we now offer 5 different fruit and veg boxes together with a growing range of organic groceries. We source the freshest certified organic fruit and vegetables from the wholesale market on a daily basis and can often have fantastic in store specials. 

We pride ourselves in providing friendly service, along with a product that we know is the best value and premium quality.